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Rat Rod E-bike is a unique and special E-bike. Unique because of its design inspired by the old engines from the beginning of the 20th century, special because of the combination between design and technology.

Every E-bike is personal, you determine the look and feel of your E-bike. It is important to choose your own racing number, this gives a personal ‘touch’ to your ‘bike’. And this E-bike is not made but created. The parts are carefully sought after, the frame is hand-made over every step is thought .. Each Rat Rod E-bike bears the signature of its creative makers and has no equal in the world, because you have him styled.

As the owner of this E-bike you have something unique. An Ebike with a beautiful design and a beautiful technique. Cycling on a Rat Rod E-bike goes smoothly and quickly, although you prefer to cruise through your favorite city or on the boulevard. Check out the product pages of the BT1 and the BT2 and be amazed by the perfect interaction between design and technology. Are you interested and want to be kept up to date about all the news, offers and new models just press the button below to do so. It will open up in Messenger. See you on the inside where all the good stuff happens!