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Technical aspects

Each Rat Rod E-bike is equipped with an electric motor that makes cycling even easier. The engine makes pedaling around the pedals feel like you always have the wind. As is the design, the technology is not. Each owner receives one and a unique ID number. With this, your Ebike can recognize you within a radius of 5 meters and will get rid of the lock. If you have enough digital display, you can also choose that.


The specifications for the Rat Rod E-bike BT2 are as follows.
• The choice of 4 matt colors: gray, green, rust brown and black. *
• Your own race number between 0 and 99 (each number has its story)
• Galvanized spokes size 12 (available as an option in the frame color)
• Middle engine 250W type S60
• Controller 36V – 48V 40A
• 36V 20AH Li-ion battery
• Shimano braking system with front and rear brake discs
• Brooks saddle and handles (base in brown or black leather)
• Personal ID: Smartphone app IOS / Android or a display
• The E-bike can be customized to your own taste, ask for the possibilities.
* = we only deviate from coat color at Limited Editions.

Are you interested in the BT2 and do you want more information please contact us via

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